Current Research

The Development of Social Group Understanding (4-10 years):

In collaboration with researchers from Harvard and Boston Universities, we are investigating 4-10 year-old children's understanding of social groups and categories. We present children with simple drawings or photographs of characters that belong to different social categories (e.g., speaking different languages). We then ask children questions about these characters and their interactions with each other. For instance, we ask them whether it would be possible for these characters to change their category membership.

Duration: ~ 10 minutes




Social Learning in Infancy (8-9 months): 

In this study, we are exploring the effects of the social-emotional environment on babies' learning. We present 8-9 month-old babies with video clips, where they see simple events (for instance two individuals clapping to different musical rhythms). We then present babies with slightly changed versions of these events and we observe how long they will watch each event. Based on the durations of their fixations, we infer whether they are able to discriminate these events from each other and how well they learn each event.

Duration: ~ 10 minutes