February 2021: Our laboratory director, who won TUBITAK Encouragement Award, Dr. Gaye Soley's interview, in which she shares up-to-date information in the field of developmental psychology, appeared in the February issue of TUBITAK Science and Technical Journal.

 January 2021: Our graduate assistants; Simge Ersönmez, Pınar Karan, Mahmut Kurupınar, Güneş Öner and Oya Serbest were accepted to the TÜBİTAK Graduate Scholarship Program. Congratulations to our friends.


January 2022: Our graduate assistants; Duygu Yılmaz and Halide Sena Koçyiğit were accepted to the TÜBİTAK Graduate Scholarship Program. Congratulations to our friends.

April 2021: We presented our three studies at the virtual meeting held by the Society for Research in Child Development, one of the prestigious international congresses in developmental psychology.

January 2022: Our laboratory director, Dr. Gaye Soley has received research project support within the scope of the "TUBITAK ARDEB-1001" program.

January 2022: We presented three of our online studies at the "Budapest Central European University Conference on Cognitive Development", one of the international conferences in cognitive development.

About Us

The Baby and Child Development Laboratory (BCL) is a research laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Boğaziçi University. Our research is focused on the social-cognitive development of children aged 0 to 11 years.

Welcome to Bebek ve çocuk çalışmaları laboratuvarı

What To Expect at BCL

A typical visit to our lab lasts around 30-45 minutes.  

  • Greeting and info session about the study you will participate (10-15 min)
  • Individual study with your child (10-15 min)
  • Subsequent info session about our hypotheses/preliminary findings (10-15 min)

You can be with your child throughout the entire visit and observe his or her reactions and responses during the study.


Why Participate?

We have a much better understanding of how infants and children perceive the world and how their minds and abilities develop thanks to the families who have volunteered to participate in ongoing research in these fields.

By participating in our studies, you will not only contribute to the body of scientific research in these fields but also witness how such research is conducted and have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field. 


Methods We Use

In studies we conduct with infants aged 4 to 24 months, we present babies with video clips while they are seated in their parents' lap and measure how long they will watch the people or events in the clips. 

In studies with children aged 3-11 years, we introduce children to some simple drawings or photographs of characters and ask some questions about these characters.



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